Castalia is a Foundation in the EU that brings together musicians or other artists, scientists and more, in a relaxing holiday atmosphere, allowing them to challenge and teach each other, and above all, trigger INSPIRATION!
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About the Castalia Foundation

Castalia is a European private foundation that initially addresses musicians from the EU by bringing them together for one week in a comfortable place in a EU country, in a relaxing holiday atmosphere in order to study and practice together and to allow them to learn from each other, to challenge each other and to give inspiration. Their stay is FREE: no rent to be paid!

Complety FREE?

Yes, but we do ask one favour in return, also for free! By the end of the week we expect from them that, before they return home, they would give a small concert, recital, performance, show,… for the local people of the village were they have stayed. Surely this will be much appreciated! In this respect, the Castalia Foundation has contacts with the local authorities to provide a venue and for some local promotion, although it’s supposed to be a small-scale, informal event.

Who are these musicians?

Sometimes they form an established ensemble that wishes to try some new material as a preparation of a new performance or CD recording, and that sees this as an opportunity to start their project and prepare a first try-out. It can also be a professional artist who likes to give some masterclasses to younger colleagues or students. Or it are professionals or students who have only met each other once or twice during a festival, or on social media, and like to try something together. And of course, all this in combination with a nice holiday, because the bow should not always be bent!
There is no restriction on the type of music, but that you have assumed already! We even don’t want to restrict ourselves to musicians only, but it’s not yet clear for us what we could ask in return to other artists, or scientists or other initiatives that could be interested in our facilities. Proposals are welcome!

Who pays the bills?

Because such initiative, apart from the initial investment, incurrs costs on a continuous basis, we also let these holiday places during a few weeks per year, to supporters of our Foundation, like you. This should keep our initiative sustainable in the long run. This is another reason for Castalia to invest exclusively in top-class premises!
So, we count a bit on you too: book our locations! They have been selected carefully in order to allow you to have an unforgettable holiday!



We are most happy to announce that the Castalia Foundation now owns a lovely place in the centre of Italy that we are preparing to share with you! You can book the entire property for an unforgettable holiday, whether you are a group of musicians or not! (About these musicians: see further.)




This villa, built in 2005, is situated in the centre of the beautiful Umbria region in the middle of Italy. In fact, on Google Maps is lies under the middle letter of the name “Italy”! How much more can you be in the centre? Apart from enjoying the nature which is all around, you will surely visit many of the must-see places in the neighbourhood, like Assisi, Orvieto, Todi, Montefalco, Spoleto, Bevagna, Gualdo Cattaneo, Deruta, Spello, Foligno, Trevi,… Your stay will be too short! And in addition there are all these wine makers that you can visit in and around the exclusive Sagrantino wine district where our villa is situated. Detailed information is available in the villa.


We can offer accommodation for small groups of individuals, couples, children… in our villa with four bathrooms, or, in the case of somewhat larger groups, additionally at a agriturismo nearby. The villa has a beautiful garden, a swimming pool and even three kitchens, one of which is an outdoor cooking area with barbecue and pizza oven.


Musicians can stay FOR FREE for one week because that is Castalia’s mission. Read more about this elsewhere on this site. All other Italy lovers – and Castalia lovers! – are most welcome to rent the villa for their holidays. Certainly if you like our Castalia initiative and you want to support us, then please DO make a reservation for one or more weeks! This helps us to cover the recurring costs related to the house and its garden and swimming pool. You will not regret it!


Have a look at our dedicated Italy page and our photo gallery and … “Get in touch!”